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​​​​​​​​Student Self-Registration

Information and Instructions​

Marine & Powersports Technician Certificate

Term 1 - Fall Term

​COMM-1173 Communication Strategies
MARP-1010 Product Familiarization & Trade Related Documents
​MATH-1196 Math​
TRAN-1003 Electrical Foundations
​SEMR-9209 General Safety Training (GST)
TRAN-2003 Electrical Systems
​SAFE-1028 Whmis
MARP-1011 Unit Assembly & Seasonal Storage
SAFE-1033 Shop safety and Tools
TRAN-1028 Engine Fundamentals​

Term 2 - Winter Term

SCIE-1023 Science
MARP-1012 Fuel Systems
MARP-1015 Wheels, Tires, Equip Maintenance​
MARP - 1013 Primary Drives

MARP-1014 Suspension Steering and Brakes

Choose 1 ​
FIEL-2000 Field Experience
AUTO-1279 Service Advisor + FIEL-1279 Serv Adv Field Experience 
AUTO-1176 Advanced Engine Repair

MARP-1178 Powersprts Performance, Tuning
HETC-1175 Diesel Engine Overhaul

Term 3 - Spring Term (registration date TBA)

Choose the one that you did not choose in Term 2
1 ​
FIEL-2000 Field Experience
AUTO-1176 Advanced Engine Repair
MARP-1173 Lawn and Garden
HETC-1174 Engine Management​​

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For registration assistance, please contact your Academic Advisor:


Aynsley Kuntz, Academic Advisor​



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